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Especially during a pandemic, it is important not to lose contact with your fellow human beings and you are more dependent than ever on the support of your network. 

But how do you network when business lunches and “meeting for coffee” are not an option?

Stay authentic

  • Networking, whether online or offline, only works if you stay true to yourself and appear authentic to others. Do not pretend just to please others but connect with people with whom you want to build a long-term relationship.

Take care of your existing network

  • Especially now, it is important to keep in touch and keep up with your existing network. Contacts and relationships that have lasted through the pandemic are very valuable and show which contacts you can rely on.
    Make a list of which contacts you are determined to keep in touch with and either message people or arrange to meet them for a virtual coffee date.

Participate in online events

  • Due to the fact that no face-to-face events can take place at the moment, the offer of online events is higher than ever. Every day and at any time, numerous events with a wide variety of topics take place. Choose events that are of interest to you and attend them. Connect in discussion rounds with the participants or even with the speakers. At the same time, you can share your participation on your social media channels to generate content.

Be active on your social media channels

  • Actively connect with people from your industry or region.
    Share your thoughts on current business topics either in your own posts or as a comment under others’ posts, so you enter into an exchange with people.

Use online communities

  • You can find online communities on a wide variety of topics. Exchange ideas with like-minded people and make contact with people from the same industry or with the same interests.

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