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Meanwhile, numerous employees have been in the #homeoffice for a year.

That said, how do you manage to maintain a work routine?

  1. Start everyday at the same time!
    This allows your body to remember when it has to switch to productive mode.
  2. Find a balance!
    Try to create a balance at home, such as yoga or painting. This way you can recharge your energy.
  3. Take small breaks every now and then where you stand up and move around for a bit.
    Even if it’s just the walk to the coffee machine, it gets your circulation going again and helps you focus on your next task.
  4. Set up a workspace for yourself if possible.
    If you do not have the possibility to use a separate room or table for work, tidy up your work items at the end of the day: Ideally, you should stow them in a bag. This way you can also physically switch off from work.
  5. Stay in contact with your colleagues!
    Set up a time during the week where you can talk about anything, be it personal or professional. Or arrange a virtual workout together.

What kind of rituals do you have in the home office?

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