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“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them”

David Allen

According to David Allen’s understanding, our mind gets distracted by too many things we are trying to remember. For this reason, Allen developed the “Getting things done” method. The method is a self-management method to help prioritize various tasks in everyday life or work.

A total of 5 steps should help us to structure ourselves better and to clear our minds for creating new ideas.

  1. Gather all the ideas and actions (e.g., emails, ideas, or tasks) that are on your mind in one place to get an overview.
  2. Process all the information you wrote down by asking yourself the question, “Is it actionable?” If it is actionable, the next question is, is it actionable in less than two minutes? If yes, simply perform the action. If no, put the item on an action list and revisit it at a later time.If the case arises that the action is not actionable, you have two options to choose from. Number one: Discard the action. Number two: Keep it for reference in case you need this information at a later time. This process is repeated for each piece of information collected.
  3. Organize all actionable items by three criteria: project, time, and context. Of course, these items can be categorized according to all three aspects. Therefore, you can decide for yourself how to organize the items best. Always ask yourself: What is the next step for this item and write it down.
  4. Review your items weekly to make sure they are still actionable or in the right place. Are there items that are stuck in your head that need to be captured and worked through? Also check monthly to see if you’ve met your short-term goals or what you still need to do to get there. Schedule meetings with yourself to make sure you are following through with the review process.
  5. Carry out the individual tasks and actions.

By consistently following these 5 steps, you will benefit from a more stress-free and efficient life, according to David Allen. In addition, you create more free space in your brain for thoughts and ideas.

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