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“Thinking is the ultimate human resource.”

Edward de Bono

Why should one read this book?

In short: To achieve project goals, as a team, with overarching support. This includes putting oneself in the “other hats”. What does Controlling think about our project? And why does marketing seem to have a problem with us? This is not a one-way street. The book gives practical tips on how to create mutual understanding in the workshop and how to workl together in the end.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who has different “stakeholders” on the job, wants to make the team kick-off more interesting, or is reaching limits in their current job.

Why is it part of our book list?

Because our Sidekicks can only create real sustainable added value if their work leads to overarching success. Changes in perspective help to briefly examine current tasks and goals on a daily basis and keep the “ship” on course.

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