Home Office – essential rituals

Home Office – essential rituals

Meanwhile, numerous employees have been in the #homeoffice for a year.

That said, how do you manage to maintain a work routine?

  1. Start everyday at the same time!
    This allows your body to remember when it has to switch to productive mode.
  2. Find a balance!
    Try to create a balance at home, such as yoga or painting. This way you can recharge your energy.
  3. Take small breaks every now and then where you stand up and move around for a bit.
    Even if it’s just the walk to the coffee machine, it gets your circulation going again and helps you focus on your next task.
  4. Set up a workspace for yourself if possible.
    If you do not have the possibility to use a separate room or table for work, tidy up your work items at the end of the day: Ideally, you should stow them in a bag. This way you can also physically switch off from work.
  5. Stay in contact with your colleagues!
    Set up a time during the week where you can talk about anything, be it personal or professional. Or arrange a virtual workout together.

What kind of rituals do you have in the home office?

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Book: Emotional Intelligence

Book: Emotional Intelligence

“If you want to be successful in life, you have to be able to deal wisely with your feelings and master the “emotional alphabet.”

Daniel Goleman

Why should one read this book?

In short: To be both satisfied and successful. This requires a healthy portion of self-awareness, empathy and social competence. When you read up on these topics, the path always leads to this classic. So why not go to the source of knowledge right away.

Who should read this book?

Everyone! The lack of emotional intelligence can massively damage your private and professional life. From raising children to your career. What does it take to be emotionally intelligent? How does our brain work? How can you improve your skills?

Why is it part of our book list?

We are always looking for new sidekicks who have been abroad before. Why? Because you get out of your familiar environment, you have to orientate and sort yourself completely new. You get unfiltered feedback from your environment. You grow as a person. Your emotional intelligence grows as well. The book answers the often quoted “WHY”.

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Growth Hacking – what are the requirements for applying the method?

Growth Hacking – what are the requirements for applying the method?

What requirements does the Growth Hacking method need to generate effective and sustainable growth?

To ensure that growth hacking is effective in a company, the product-market fit must first be checked. Does the actual product fit the needs in the market at all? Or do customers perhaps need something completely different?

Only when the product-market fit aligns a company is able to grow.

But beware: the product-market fit can also change at any time and must therefore be reviewed regularly.

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5 tips for an effective virtual meeting

5 tips for an effective virtual meeting

  1. Turn your camera on!
    In order for your colleagues to understand you better, it is important that they not only hear you, but can also see your facial expressions and gestures. This avoids misunderstandings and promotes a common exchange.
  2. Check your background!
    Position yourself in front of a background that does not distract from you. Alternatively, most video conferencing providers offer virtual backgrounds from which you can choose one.
  3. Check your wifi connection and the sound,
    … so that your colleagues can understand you clearly.
  4. Avoid multitasking!
    We’ve all been there: the meeting doesn’t quite fit into the calendar and you have to get a task done urgently. But a virtual meeting requires your attention just as much as a face-to-face meeting. Only if you concentrate fully on the meeting it will be effective.
  5. Set up an agenda!
    Especially in virtual meetings it is important to give the participants an agenda and a goal of the meeting. Otherwise, the meeting quickly becomes a mess and the participants lose their attention.

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Growth Hacking – what actually is this?

Growth Hacking – what actually is this?

At Sidekick Network, we’ve been using the Growth Hacking approach for almost a year. But what exactly is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is an approach that combines marketing, programming and data. Many small experiments are tested to improve the customer experience. Data is constantly collected to make decisions and generate new ideas. Thus, it is possible to determine which growth hacks have worked.
The mission of growth hacking is not to turn an experiment into a project or get caught up in long processes. It’s about testing and evaluating ideas quickly and easily to generate growth.

If you are interested in the topic of growth hacking, the book by @Sean Ellis and @Morgan Brown “Hacking Growth” is highly recommended. There are many practical examples and instructions on how to implement the method.

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