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  1. Turn your camera on!
    In order for your colleagues to understand you better, it is important that they not only hear you, but can also see your facial expressions and gestures. This avoids misunderstandings and promotes a common exchange.
  2. Check your background!
    Position yourself in front of a background that does not distract from you. Alternatively, most video conferencing providers offer virtual backgrounds from which you can choose one.
  3. Check your wifi connection and the sound,
    … so that your colleagues can understand you clearly.
  4. Avoid multitasking!
    We’ve all been there: the meeting doesn’t quite fit into the calendar and you have to get a task done urgently. But a virtual meeting requires your attention just as much as a face-to-face meeting. Only if you concentrate fully on the meeting it will be effective.
  5. Set up an agenda!
    Especially in virtual meetings it is important to give the participants an agenda and a goal of the meeting. Otherwise, the meeting quickly becomes a mess and the participants lose their attention.

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